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Dear Pools R Us, Thank you so much coming to our rescue today, a Friday! We have a pool party tonight with some friends tonight and i turned on the lights in the pool to test the equipment this morning. But the light fitting had broken. When i rang your team and im not a contracted customer (yet), the emergency guys turned up in an hour. Whislt all the stores are closed on a Friday, they managed to find me a temporary fiting, so the party can still go on. Thank you guys for reasuring me that not all companies in Dubai have poor customer service. You were amazing. The show will go on tonight



We wanted to thank you for your wonderful pool system. We have been using this system for 6 years now and we are chemical free. It is so wonderful knowing that our children and us can safely swim in the pool daily and not be concerned that we are getting chlorinated to death! We love Pool R Us!

Ammy Lee


We love the chemical free water because of the feel on our skin, because of the clarity of the water and because of the time we save swimming in the pool as opposed to treating it with chemicals. We also have really enjoyed the comments of neighbors and friends when they see our clear water and hear about the uniqueness of the pool.

Mark Benson


We never thought about getting such a good pool designs with all Pool Description and Pool Specs clearly marked. We really liked the documentation which shows the Best Pools and designs we have seen so far. Looking forward towards successful completion of the job. We completely trust Pools R Us as Pool Consultants

Mark Roger