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“ The best things in life are free.

The second best are very expensive ”. – Coco Chanel ”.

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In a highly competitive market such as the UAE / Dubai, choosing among the vast option of Pool Consultants that promise to deliver your needs and wants had become difficult. The demand for the construction of swimming pools within the region had given rise to the establishment of companies that seek to compete with each other to bring about products and services that will serve the clients best. The pool industry had proven to be tricky. A number of firms that once played the game had to shut close while a few remained.

A swimming pool is a lifetime investment. There are many things to consider when choosing your swimming pool builder comprising of best swimming pool experts. Although the budget falls first in the long list of considerations, one also has to ponder on the quality of the craftsmanship, and the post-sales products and backup services a company can afford to guarantee. To compromise good quality and standards for a cheaper bid had often resulted to negligence, demanding numerous and expensive repairs that could prove to be wearisome in the long run.

Pools R Us’ mission is to deliver unparalleled ideas and turn them into a masterpiece. This is made possible only with meticulous planning and exceptional diligence, and offering you the best of products and services. A close discussion with the client, especially during the early stages of planning is very essential. It enables us to relate to the client’s feel towards the project on a somewhat personal level and treat the project as if it’s going to be built in our very own backyard.

We build with passion – the passion to turn our clients’ dreams into reality. We build the most luxurious custom-built pools in your garden just as how you have pictured it to be or even better. Together with the clients’ creative imagination and our extensive range of unique selections and ideas, we look into the minutest details of their requirements to deliver truly customized pools. Pools R Us had proudly built the dream pools that our high-class clientele have demanded to their utmost satisfaction. A world-class pool in your backyard is worth every penny.